Thinking is Easy

Thinking is easy. Doing is hard. Finishing is nearly impossible.

Thinking up bottled water was easy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people thought it. But turning it into a manufacturing process, navigating legalities, convincing distributors and grocery stores; That’s hard. Then tying all the details together into a coherent and easy to find object and actually launching it; that’s finishing, almost no one does that.

Thinking about making some art is easy. Hell, it’s even fun. In fact, it’s addicting to enjoy the imagined version of your self as a person who makes/draws/writes/does. But, getting out a pencil and doing sketches, with effort and a critical eye; that’s hard and humbling. Drawing/writing/making/doing art every single day, with deliberate self expanding practice, again and again and again until you edge closer to the artist version of yourself that you had always imagined; almost no one does that.

People who finish add immense value to the world.